“I had great pleasure working with Dan Lucas, who’s engineering and production skills are first class, so much so that I’m planning to record a full album at Anchor Baby Recording Company. I am extremely happy with the drum sound, as well as every other sound, on THE CHRIS SLADE TIMELINE EP.”


- CHRIS SLADE (drummer with AC/DC) and former drummer with Manfred Mann’s Earthband, Tom Jones, Gary Moore, David Gilmour, Gary Numan...

“Dan takes recording to a whole new level, not just offering the service of recording but offering advice as a fellow musician. We have recorded several tracks at Anchor Baby and couldn’t be happier!”




“Anchor Baby is the first studio we have ever been to, where the studio itself makes you feel like you have already recorded an A grade top selling record, just by walking through its doors. Then as you begin to spend time within its creative walls, you start to realise that it is actually happening! Of course this is not down to just the studio itself, it is coupled with the hard working, experienced dynamo of knowledge, Dan Lucas. Dan’s enthusiasm and real passion for music is Anchor Baby’s heartbeat, an incredibly creative and whats-more, alive environment; what else could a musician ask for?”



“Anchor Baby is quite simply the best recording studio we have used, and Dan is the best producer we have ever worked with. Dan is lucky to have an incredible musical ear coupled with an encyclopaedic understanding of recording. On top of this he has excellent interpersonal skills. All of this knowledge combined with a well equipped studio makes for a high quality, efficient and stress-free recording experience. We were particularly impressed with the way that Dan challenged us positively to create the best recording possible. We were also extremely impressed with the speed with which he works. Overall we are very happy with the songs Dan recorded and we look forward to using Anchor Baby again soon.”



“We’re sure a lot of bands have recorded demos & albums & have been dissapointed with the end result, well with Dan it’s the total opposite! He prides himself on getting the best sound & mix for your band & even offers advice on tracks. Dan is a true professional & a pleasure to work with! We will definitely use his services again (if he will have us back). 10 out of 10!”



"Lovely, spacious and well equipped studio! Dan Lucas was easy to work with and has knowledge well beyond his years. I am extremely happy with our 11 track Album "The Golden Sun". I look forward to working with him again on the next BRC project."



"Working with Dan was very easy; he has a calm and relaxed work ethic whilst still maintaining the perfect balance of high work rate and great productivity. Dan gets 'it', he listened to my ideas and translated them well in the session from the tracking to the mixing. We had very litte time to get the recording completed and Dan bent over backwards to produce a great product, and that he did. I will be back!"


- DUDLEY ROSS (session and touring musician)

“I've worked with Dan on my last 3 projects and there's a reason for that! He's very easy to work with and is very relaxed, which is perfect for any studio environment. Dan is also an incredible musician and is always happy to step in on various instruments as and when you need him.

I've been extremely happy with his service and I highly recommend everyone to use Dan @ Anchor Baby on their next recording project.



- JAMES KIRBY (solo artist and international touring musician)

"Recording with Dan Lucas at Anchor Baby was a fun and stress free experience, with a feel at home enviroment, it's spacious and professional. Dan really tries to get the best out of you and capture your sound and energy...cant wait to go back!"



"Sometimes working in a studio can be such hard work. It can somehow drain all the energy and passion out of the songs and you can leave after weeks of hard work with something you are simply not proud of. So personally I find it very important finding the right place to record.


This is the second time I've worked with Dan Lucas at Anchor Baby, because I believe that both Dan and the studio bring out the best in my music. We recorded a mini album in early 2015 and I was so happy with the result, I had to go back and do the next full album.


The environment is great, very relaxed and easy going. The gear is simply amazing, I am always introduced to bits of equipment I didn't even know existed. All the instruments, amps and drum kits I just want to take home with me. The sofas are comfy and the coffee is strong!


And Dan........Dan is just a bloody genius!!"